Everyone Should Have a “Board of Directors”

The idea that we should all have a personal “Board of Directors” is not new. Your Board is the group of trusted individuals, selected by you, who can help you on your personal leadership and career development journey. What is new is that there is now a free, e-toolkit that sets out a step-by-step approach to creating your own Board. By approaching the creation of the right support network in a thoughtful and choice-full way, the designers say that you will:

  • Reduce your reliance on luck
  • Maximise the impact of your “Board”
  • Accelerate your development
  • Increase your chances of achieving your ambitions

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You Are "Work in Progress"

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Self-awareness is the foundation of personal development and becoming the whole person we can be is our life-times work. Our High Performance Leadership programmes start with knowing and growing ourselves. This workbook is designed to support that work and you can download a sample for free here. 

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