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The Extraordinary Teams Inventory has finally arrived!

Eight years in the making, the Extraordinary Teams Inventory (ETI) allows your team to compare itself with other extraordinary work teams. Building on our book, Extraordinary Groups, Kathleen Ryan, Kevin Coray, and Geoff Bellman have created this new tool and workshop dedicated to building amazing teams.

Research into over two hundred teams and nine hundred team members resulted in five indicators of extraordinary teams which the ETI measures.

How it works: In twenty-five responses over fifteen minutes, you submit your data to an on-line assessment center; other team members do the same. The resulting team report is supported with a half-day workshop during which your team looks at its scores on the five indicators followed by great teams. A detailed facilitator guide helps the team understand a team profile and decide what to do about it.

To learn more, go to The Extraordinary Teams Inventory

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