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"Purple Monkeys!" A great new book from Kevin Parker

purple monkeyPurple Monkeys! a Leader's Practical Guide to Unleashing the Power of Questions to Achieve Great Results


Some years ago, Kevin told me the story of his discovery of leadership. He had been promoted over time for being great at "doing". In leadership, he faced the new challenge of getting others to "do". One day, his boss asked him a powerful question; "How do you lead your team?". Kevin couldn't answer him - could you?


Over time, and many more powerful questions later, Kevin began to understand how he would be as a leader. Now Kevin is one of the most talented coaches I know and he continues to ask really powerful questions.

In this practical and entertaining book, Kevin shares his wisdom about questions and how to use them to grow your influence, build focus, challenge assumptions, unleash creativity, grow responsibility and more. For the finale, Kevin offers us "The Best Powerful Questions List".

Alumni of my leadership programmes will understand the relevance of "Purple Monkey's - I stole it from Kevin (with permission). The rest of you will have to read the book!

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