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"Purple Monkeys!" A great new book from Kevin Parker

purple monkeyPurple Monkeys! a Leader's Practical Guide to Unleashing the Power of Questions to Achieve Great Results


Some years ago, Kevin told me the story of his discovery of leadership. He had been promoted over time for being great at "doing". In leadership, he faced the new challenge of getting others to "do". One day, his boss asked him a powerful question; "How do you lead your team?". Kevin couldn't answer him - could you?

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Director of the Year! Mark Logan of Skyscanner

Mark Logan, Skyscanner's Chief Operating Officer, has been awarded the prestigious title of Director of the Year by the Institute of Directors Scotland.

Mark, who was commended for his "transformational leadership", was named as both the IoD Scotland Director of the Year in the 'businesses up to £35m turnover' category and the Edinburgh, Lothians & the Borders Regional Director of the Year for 2013.

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Skyscanner Scoops Awards at The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For

Scottish success story and one of our favourite clients, Skyscanner has scooped four major awards at The Sunday Times Best Companies To Work For 2014.

  • Sixth best medium-sized company to work for in the UK.
  • Best for Personal Growth.
  • Most Exciting Future.
  • Best Learning and Development

The company was also highly ranked in all categories.

Cathy Wilson, Director, Talent and Organisation Development said: "This award is rich reward for the commitment taken from the whole team -  everyone at Skyscanner - to make this a truly exceptional place to work."

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International Womens' Day 8th March 2014

International Women's Day events honour and celebrate the achievements of women all around the world, ranging from small random informal gatherings to large highly organised events. To find out what's happening in your area go to the website.

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Write Three Letters

letterA business leader recently told me this funny story:

An out-going Chief Executive is briefing his successor. He gives his successor three letters in envelopes labelled one to three. He says “If you are ever in a crisis, open one envelope.”

After a few months the new Chief Executive is facing a crisis. So she opens to first envelope. The letter inside says simply “Blame me”. So she crafts a communication to say that the crisis is the result of bad decisions made before she took over and that she is committed to sorting out the mess she has inherited.

Things settled down.

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