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End Homelessness in Scotland in Five Years? Why not?

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We are delighted support the ambitious purpose of Social Bite to eradicate homelessness in Scotland in 5 years. On 9th December we will be sleeping out in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh with 9000 other supporters. The aim is to raise £4M in total and we have set ourselves a target contribution of £5000.

If you would like to help us please visit our fundraising page.

As well as fundraising, Social Bite is encouraging businesses throughout Scotland to pledge employment opportunities for homeless people with a target of 1,000 job offers. The organisation is also hoping that at least 1,000 households will open their doors and offer up a spare room for a short period of time to help people find their feet with a "supported lodgings" programme.

Social Bite co-founder Josh Littlejohn MBE said:
“By joining our Sleepout, you will be joining a movement to end homelessness in Scotland for good. We believe by working together homelessness could be eradicated in Scotland within 5 years. We are planning to work closely with The Scottish Government and other charities throughout the sector to create a five-year action plan which will provide housing, rehabilitation, job opportunities and the support that homeless people need to turn their lives around. We want to make Scotland an example for the whole world to follow. We’re a small country; a nation of innovators. The statistics of homelessness in Scotland are not insurmountable – we only need to help 11,000 households back to their feet – together we can do that. So whether as a business, a family or an individual – please join our sleepout.”

If you would like to help us please visit our fundraising page.

Alongside Sleep in the Park, Social Bite has commissioned a comprehensive study from Heriot Watt University entitled “Eradicating Core Homelessness in Scotland” to provide a fully-researched framework for the investment of the money raised from the event. The report will be published in September and it is expected that the funds will be spent on housing solutions, a nationwide employment program, addiction facilities, and outreach teams.
Work is currently underway on the new Social Bite village which will see 10 purpose-built two-bedroom homes installed on a 1.5 acre site in Granton, providing a safe living environment for up to 20 people from homeless backgrounds. The first residents from Edinburgh’s homeless community are expected to move in before Christmas this year.

Members of the public can join Sleep in the Park by committing to fundraising at least £100 for the sleep-out challenge. Businesses can sponsor the event by signing up a team of five with a minimum fundraising commitment of £3,000. To find out more about taking part, go to www.sleepinthepark.co.uk

To support us please visit our fundraising page.


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