Winning Ways – The Collective HR Network Awards Finalists!

Congratulations to our clients at Wm Grant and Sons, Skyscanner and City of Edinburgh Council.

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Public Speaking & Communication Workshop - Glasgow 13 October 2013

Small group - Public Speaking & Communication Workshop with Award Winning Performer, NLP Master & Motivational Presenter Terry Neason

Glasgow: Sunday, 13 October 2013

  • Speaking Skills
  • Communication Styles
  • Tackling the Nerves
  • Performance Techniques
  • Body Language - Posture & Rapport
  • Voice Coaching - volume, pitch, rhythm & tone
  • Breath Control

Venue: The Training Suite, 34 West George Street, Glasgow G2 1DA

Time: 1pm - 5pm

Early Bird: £95

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If Performance Management Belongs In Room 101 – What Next?

If you had a manufacturing process that had never produced the quality of output you want, despite a huge investment in re-engineering and repairs, what would you do?

I hope you would throw it out and start again. Why then have we persevered with Performance Management for more than 30 years?

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Herding Cats? You May be Leading a “Group”

This is not an uncommon leadership challenge. It’s tempting to launch into team development or coaching , but this may not always be the right way forward. The “herding cats” syndrome may not be a symptom of either poor team-working or inadequate leadership. It may be a symptom that your “team” is in fact, not a team at all.

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Why Dialogue Matters

Talking CircleWhen humans developed the power of language, they opened up the possibility and potential for co-operation and collaboration. Once we had language, we could put together our ideas, express our needs and emotions, negotiate to create mutual value, teach and share learning, persuade and influence others....... and listen.

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Unleashing the Power of Purpose

When we have a sense of purpose, we tap into the full range of our personal power. We are capable and confident. We challenge boundaries and received wisdom. We are infinitely resourceful, resilient and creative. Our motivation to act and to change is integral to our being, and the source of our energy to keep going when otherwise we would be exhausted. What’s more, we excite and engage others with our passion; they find themselves making connections with our purpose and, if there is sufficient overlap between us, we join together.

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