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Emotional Leadership – Supporting Each Other Through Lockdown

SCARFAs leaders during a crisis, it has never been more important to connect emotionally with our people and co-workers. If we cannot help them to understand their own reactions and needs, we cannot help them to navigate through. Although we might not be able to fix everything, we can help ourselves and others to make things a little better.

From my work with leaders over the years, many find making emotional connection difficult. They have drawn a mental (and emotional) line for themselves demarcating what is “appropriate” at work. In this work, I have noticed that understanding the science of emotion can help to sign-post us to something that feels appropriate and supportive.

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Designing and Running a Virtual Workshop

skype callBack in the 90s, I was working in a global change team, implementing a huge system change across all three regions of the corporation. During the programme, we had a travel ban. Faced with the need to collaborate across 23 countries to develop, commission and train the users of the system, we turned to technology.
I won’t lie, it was more difficult and our ideas didn’t always work, but we did deliver on time.
Here is what I learnt about designing and running virtual workshops;

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Your Team is Now Home-working - Virtual Team Leadership

empty office 2Over-night you have become a leader of a virtual team! How do you do that? Well first of all;
• Don’t panic and admit to the team that you are all learning together – take the pressure off.
• Get your own home-working plan together (See my blog on working from home here).
• Learn from others who have done it before.
• Get support – set up a small group of colleagues on the same learning curve with a space to connect and share (social media or video conference).

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Making Home-working Work

Home workingThere is a big difference between working from home on the odd day, and working from home on a semi-permanent basis. Having had a home office for over 15 years, I remember it took me some time to figure out how to make it work well. Here are some of the things I learnt about the physical space, routine, social and motivation aspects of working from home. I hope these might help you find your home-working way more smoothly;

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Individual Dignity Entitlement

450px Motorola logo black and white

For pretty much all of the 90s I worked for the Motorola Corporation. Those ten years of varied, challenging and global change leadership experience were pretty much the bedrock that my last 15 years have been grounded in. Motorola was not perfect, but it was innovative and humanely people-centric. If the business had not contracted as it did, I would probably still be there.

During the ritual winter clearing-out of my office, I came across some Motorola paraphernalia. One thing in particular made me think; “Individual Dignity Entitlement” (IDE) was a very controversial, global Motorola process. I am told there was even a Dilbert cartoon about it!

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Book Launch Reception for "The Game Changer" by Alistair Gray

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The Institute of Directors are hosting events throughout Scotland in support of the Publication of  "The Game Changer" by Alistair Gray. 

The next will be held at Cairn Energy’s offices at Lothian Road in Edinburgh on Tuesday 26 November at 1800h. Attendance is by registering via the IoD website. Here is the link to the event.

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