Human Spaces

Our organisations are managed with tools that have their foundations in the last century; why would they be fit for this century?

Our organisations are very complex and exist within an environment of constant change - almost chaotic. We cannot control this, but we still need to achieve. Our people are educated and want to do a good job; to deliver value and to feel good about their contribution to something important.

It is time to renew our organisations; to create Human Spaces:

“Human Spaces are organisations designed and fit for human potential and talent to be realised. Human Spaces provide the environment for the fulfilment of both the individual, and the organisation’s purpose. They are created by leaders. They are energised by a meaningful purpose and aligned to clear outcomes. They are sustained, developed and grown by people who dialogue, collaborate and co-create a dream together. They already exist and they achieve extraordinary results”
Fiona Gifford

Our organisations are like biospheres; they contain living and non-living elements that interact and affect outcomes (or performance). It is our job as leaders nurture a thriving organisational environment.

This work starts with ourselves.  Here's how we can help:

Growing Leadership

tree-ongreyLeadership is a natural human talent, not a job. We are all capable of leading and we all do it. In our organisations, we often feel inhibited to lead. The word has become confused with executive management. We often wait for permission to lead; for leadership to be bestowed upon us.

Human Spaces need leaders; lots of them, with diverse talents that come to the fore at different times.

We support leaders to grow their leadership effectiveness, both  individually and collectively:

  • Growing self-awareness: developing strengths, managing blind-spots, building flexibility
  • Growing self-management: acting from choice and emotional control
  • Discovering leadership purpose: the source of energy, motivation and resilience
  • Balancing “stepping up” (action)  and “stepping back” (reflection)
  • Becoming more effective in both actions and relationships
  • Developing leadership practices and skills
  • Being accountable for ourselves and our actions

thumb 3CirclesOur leadership work focuses on supporting leaders to grow confidence, competence and the courage to act.

Confidence -  choosing what to do, clarity about the outcome, understanding the issue, and choosing appropriate and effective options for action.

Competence - knowing how to do it, developing skills and techniques for getting to action.  Reflecting, learning and applying the learning to the next phase.

Courage - Getting into action, having the courage to do things differently, without inhibition but with full awareness.

Growing Performance

domeGrowing performance in Human Spaces is a result of growing leadership and a deep understanding of the performance environment; the biosphere.

  • Humans adapt their behaviour according to their environment
  • Performance is a direct function of human behaviour
  • So, it follows that there are specific environmental factors that are most likely to grow and nurture performance

For the last 15 years, we have been researching, studying and working to understand what these are.

We help leaders to create effective teams where people; inquire, think, explore, define, communicate, innovate and collaborate to deliver their purpose.

engineOur approach balances both achievement and enjoyment; these are the product of optimising alignment and engagement.

We have worked with dozens of teams and organisations to create their own Human Spaces.

Growing The Future

sunsetHuman Spaces are growth environments and highly future and outcome focused. They thrive on ambition and dreams.

To support you to grow your own organisational dreams  we can help you to:

  • Develop a clear and meaningful purpose that energises the organisation to deliver
  • Deliver your purpose through an organisation designed and fit for the purpose – a Human Space
  • Renew your tired teams and grow your new ones.
  • Innovate and back the right opportunities.
  • Create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation.
  • Understand your learning and development needs.
  • Deliver your change and transformation ambitions.

We work in small, expert teams to partner with your team. We deliver your ambitions and leave your team with the tools and expertise to be self-sufficient.