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Mark has played an integral role in the development and evolution of our work with leaders. Mark founded re-find the future® in 2002 as a transformational approach to leadership, organizational, and personal renewal. As managing partner of re-find the future®, he shares this innovative practice with Robert Henderson, with an aim to grow more leadership everywhere. Renewal is at the core of this work.

Mark has been at the heart of highly original growth experiences, providing his guidance and expertise from conception through to delivery. A co-creator of The Gemini Project with Ian Chisholm, he brings together senior executives with young adults from "tough" socio-economic realities and has co-led the Head Teacher’s Leadership Academy. Mark is a highly experienced organizational consultant whose broad portfolio includes R.B.S., Ernst and Young, Standard Life, Aon, The Social Enterprise Academy, and other corporate clients in Europe and North America.

Prior to establishing re-find the future®, Mark headed U.K. Human Resources for Alliance Boots, a global pharmacy-led group. In that role, Mark delivered a groundbreaking program of development and change that was instrumental in doubling the company’s share price. Much of that change was enabled by the introduction of a non-directive coaching culture, one that, 15 years later, still makes up the DNA of the business.

Having studied law and psychology, Mark spent several years practicing as an associate within a criminal defense law firm. During that time, he published several papers, established legal precedent, and worked closely with local rehabilitation groups and organizations dedicated to reducing offending. Mark was the youngest person to be offered partnership (he was 26).

Mark holds a Certificate in Business Communications from the International N.L.P. Training Association and is qualified in mediation and conflict resolution from Woodbury College, Vermont. Mark is accredited by the Association of Professional Executive Coaches and Supervisors.

Mark currently serves on the board of the University of the Highlands and Islands. He lives with his family in Perthshire, Scotland.

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